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About Olympic Massage Therapy

Olympic Massage Therapy provides high quality care with lasting results by adhering to a set of core principles.

  1. All therapy is backed in research.
  2. Holistic Care is the best care. A patient should choose as many modalities of care that he or she deems medically necessary. Massage therapy works best other bodywork modalities, such as physical therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture and/or yoga. We always refer out if that means better care for the patient.
  3. Working with the core of the problem solves the problem. The body is a tensegrity system. All muscles can affect other systems in one way or another. All treatment is designed to relieve the center of the cause of the pain.
  4. Stay educated — Practitioners stay current with up-to-date technology and keep up with continuing education.

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Olympic Massage Therapy

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